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Liberty Electronic Payment Services, Inc is a registered ISO of Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., Concord, CA

       Liberty Electronic Payment Services, Inc

You won't find a more competitive  offer for credit card processing or equipment

‚ÄčOur agents live work, raise families, support local businesses and  pay taxes in the area in which they work.  They care about you, your success and the community they live in,  just as you do.

Our home office is in El Segundo, Ca with regional locations in Sacramento, CA, Easley, SC and Boerne, TX.  Each office has Service Representatives located thru out the United States. 

Over the years we have discovered many agents working for banks and processors don't always tell the whole truth. Because of the aforementioned we founded Liberty Electronic Payment Services, Inc as a no-nonsense "No Smoke and Mirrors" company you can count on and   "You can Bank On That". 

We offer true pass-thru Interchange with a few basis points mark up for profit so we can keep the doors open and pay the agents who service your account. 

We have been in business for over 12 years and incorporated for over 6.  In addition to being a registered merchant service provider with MasterCard, we are a registered ISO with VISA.  We represent Discover Card, American Express and if you accept Discover you can also accept the PayPal Card.

You can count on us providing the latest technology.  We have alliances with many strategic partners allowing us access to the latest in Point of Sale equipment.

We have been processing EBT for merchants (both food stamps and cash only) for many years, some of our competitors make it sound like they are the only ones that can process EBT (Don't Fall for that  - it is not true).

Our strategic alliances with the best in the industry adds to our core strength "No Smoke - No Mirrors" just honest representation and quality customer service. 

We work with 3 of the largest Credit Card Processing Networks in the industry, which means we can process almost everything,  big and small.

In summary, What does that mean for you;  We pass thru the true cost that MasterCard, Visa, Discover, American Express and others impose on all of the processors (All processors, ISO's, MSP's, TPA's and banks pay the same price to the card brands - Period) and as mentioned above - we only add a small amount for profit.